Proven Validator
with Quality Services

We’re a professional validator in POS networks. We’re never down and we’re always secure
so you don’t have to worry about penalties when you’re staking with us

Assets staked with us:

$ 34,982,500
Delegate with us

About us is a proven validator with quality services based in Romania.

We are a team of professionals with an experience of over 10 year in devops/sysops operations. We secure over 5 mil usd of user funds delegated with us on more than 5 networks like Near, Terra, Solana, Chainlink, etc.

For any inquiry we are always available to chat on Telegram or E-mail.


The advantage
of staking your assets



We maintain a commision between 3% and 20% depending on the network, with our delegators profit in mint we strive to offer one of the best commisions around while we cover our expenses and we don t compromise the security of our services.



Our proven experience of over 10 year in companies like: Dell,Lenovo, IBM AIX, Supermicro, completed by out cisa/cisco/IBM courses help us to put in place one of the best securiy frameworks, we use multi layers of protection to make sure nothing unwanted will happen.



This is our business at the core, as all the explorers show it, and all the teams that put their trust in us, we don’t plan to disapoint them.

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