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6.783.795 Luna
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20.000 Luna

Terra Money
How to Delegate

Terra delegation is pretty easy, as the network is also intuitive. There are currently a couple of options that teach you how you can delegate on Terra. Some of them are:


Terra Delegation through
Browser Wallets/ Plugins/ Tools

inotel.ro provides a Terra delegation tool and a small guide for command line interface (CLI).

inotel.ro delegation tool

Our delegation tool is pretty straightforward and interactive. You will walk through the process of being a Terra delegate step by step in a couple of minutes.

The inotel tool for Terra teaches you how to delegate by taking you through an easy process.

The logic is the same for all validators.

If you are also looking for alternatives, you can use the following Terra Network explorers that have the ability to delegate from the browser.



Delegation through CLI

Here is a general outline of the steps you might take to delegate on the Terra network using the Terra CLI:

Install Terra CLI: Make sure you have the Terra CLI tool installed on your computer. You can download it from the official Terra GitHub repository or package manager.

Create or Import Wallet: Use the CLI to create a new Terra wallet or import an existing one. Keep your mnemonic seed phrase secure.

Acquire LUNA Tokens: LUNA is the native token of the Terra network. Acquire LUNA tokens through exchanges or transfers to your Terra wallet.

Connect to the Terra Network: Open your command-line interface and connect to the Terra network using the appropriate command, which may look something like:

terracli config chain-id
terracli config node

Replace with the network’s chain ID and with the URL of a Terra full node.

Delegate Using CLI:

a. Check your wallet’s balance:

terracli query bank balances

b. Choose a validator you want to delegate to. You can find a list of validators using the command:

terracli query staking validators

c. Delegate your LUNA tokens to the chosen validator using the following command:

terracli tx staking delegate uluna –from –chain-id –node –fees
Replace with the validator’s address, with the amount of LUNA tokens you want to delegate, with your wallet name, with the chain ID, with the node URL, and with the transaction fees.

Monitor Delegation: You can check your delegation status and rewards using the CLI, such as:

terracli query staking delegation

Please note that the provided commands and options are examples, and the actual commands may differ.

You can find more details on installing and using TERRAD in the original guide made by Terra network.

Regardless of your delegation option, the results will be the same.

Why delegate on Terra

Why delegate on Terra

Have you noticed the inflation of the Terra Network Luna’s? The network got a lot of attention thanks to its interoperability and scalability specs.

The option to create your own validator is also on the table. Yet, the process can be pretty expensive. The easy way is to delegate.